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S.G.Lakhanpal Associates is an architectural design consultancy firm. It was a Strategic Business Unit of N.G.Lakhanpal Strategic Management Services Private Limited – A multi- disciplinary group providing consultancy in the following :

  • Architecture Design
  • Interior Design
  • Project Feasibility Reports

Our completed projects as architects in Delhi-NCR-India cover masterplans,sports complexes, tourist centres, commercial complexes, educational institutes and theme based architecture works.Our firm is currently being restructured and has therefore temporarily suspended active architectural operations

We believe that…

  1. Every project has a story to tell. The Architect/Planner is both the co-author and the protagonist in this story.
  2. Every design should be a specific solution to the requirement of the site and the client rather than a generic solution forced upon society.
  3. The world that we live in today is constantly changing, evolving and connecting at an unimaginably rapid pace. The Architects and Planners need to be responsive to this change at the same pace while anticipating the shape of things to come.
  4. The way to work is to break through the barriers of conventional design and forms. That any project needs to be functional, profitable and sustainable instead of being a white elephant.
  5. Design is a reflection of the highest and the best qualities of the Human Spirit. If that be the case, there can be no limitations to this Spirit which must continue to unleash itself through creativity and innovation, constantly challenging, adapting and evolving in a never ending journey. Every project for us is thus, a milestone, from which we constantly learn, grow, improve upon and create a legacy which can stand the test of time.
  6. Every project must be beneficial to the client and the society.
  7. Architects set up practices and not shops. Our studio therefore is keen to work on a limited number of projects in which we provide custom made solutions to the client requirement rather than mass/factory produced outsourced works.
  8. Any client and any site deserve the exclusivity of our thoughts, creativity and professionalism which isn’t lost in Standard Operating Procedures.

To design sustainable spaces for our clients, which are in harmony with the social environment and which are inspiring to the Spirit and joyful to the Heart. We strive to achieve this through thorough research and development, live design, delivering solid attainable results, demonstrating extra ordinary adaptability and flexibility to suit the constantly changing requirements of our society in general and our client in particular. We strive to ensure, that by the time your project is completed, it is not out of sync with the rapid changes in building technologies, infrastructure development and the environment.

To contribute in providing successful design solutions to the various challenges faced by our clients, helping them create landmark iconic designs, providing an impetus to the growth and development of the site as well as the surrounding environment, through our core values of integrity, courage, humility, transparency, innovation, creativity, collaboration, respect, productivity and accountability.

We are committed to excellence in all it’s forms. Our target is to achieve total customer satisfaction by delivering the best quality services at the right price and strictly as per agreed delivery schedules and by fulfilling the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems.
We shall continually strive for improvement at all levels and areas of business process through development of top quality, well qualified, experienced, skilled and trained consultants and employees, harnessing the latest technologies, ensuring our research bases are updated and creating a congenial work environment.

Mr. N.L.Lakhanpal (I.A.S.- Retd.) Chairman
N.G.Lakhanpal Strategic Management Services Pvt.Ltd.
N.L. Lakhanpal is the principal of the organisation and the inspiration behind it’s founding and expansion. He has held many key government positions and has excellent connections in both the Asian political and business world as well as the upper echelons of the Civil Service.He is currently the Chancellor of Dr. Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Lucknow. His impressive previous positions have included:
Secretary to Government of India,
Director General Foreign Trade- Government of India,
Chief Executive, Indian Trade Promotion Organization
Principal Secretary-Finance- Government of Maharashtra
Member-Securities Appellate Tribunal,
He is an authority on corporate law, finance and international trade. Prior to that he had also handled departments like Education and Health besides spending time in the rural areas as District Magistrate and Divisional Commissioner. He was Director General Foreign Trade during the crucial period of 1997 to 2002 which witnessed, besides tough negotiations at the WTO, removal of all quantitative restrictions on imports and exports, lowering of import tariffs and complete opening up of sectors like automobiles, insurance, banking, telecommunications etc. His tenure in the rural areas enabled him to appreciate the intricacies of rural marketing which gives valuable understanding of the fundamental marketing ethos of the Indian corporate world.

Principal Architect 
Director – N.G.Lakhanpal Strategic Management Services Private Limited.
An alumnus of Sir J.J. College of Architecture – Asia ’s premier and oldest institute for architectural studies. Has been running his Planning & Architecture firm since 1998 and has handled projects worth millions of square feet of space planning involving design, civil construction (including turnkey projects) interiors and landscaping. Has established a reputation in the market for his aesthetic designs. Works with clinical precision with zero tolerance for mistakes and delays. Has also undertaken several project monitoring assignments. He has successfully spearheaded the completion of various landmark projects such as Special Economic Zones (SEZ’s), Sports Complexes including Stadia for Commonwealth Games 2010, India's first planned Night Bazaar at Hyderabad and redesigning the mythological city of Chitrakoot associated with the exile of Lord Rama.